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their benefits reduced. rosa flores is here with us. you met with a grandmother who, you know, she's going to have a harder time feeding her family. >> it's going to be a tough time for her and 47 million americans, like you said, and the timing couldn't be worse, folks. the end to this temporary boost in food stamps comes just weeks before thanksgiving, hanukkah and christmas. and while republicans are usually blamed in this case, this time, an interesting twist. how the white house took a gamble and lost. >> let's go. i just learn how to survive. >> reporter: it's a walk home from school filled with life lessons. >> that's good for five cents. >> reporter: katherine mckinnon wept from grandma to a single mother of three when her daughter died. >> no matter how people look ought, just keep your head up. >> reporter: but her life on food stamps may be about to get tougher. and this is why. remember the first lady's initiative to fight childhood obesity? the white house borrowed money from the war on hunger to fight the war on obesity. that means on november 1st, the snap program runs out o
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1